Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA GmbH, Germany – a subsidiary of SIEPMANN INDUSTRIES Group– has been developing, manufacturing and successfully selling high-quality forged steel industrial valves since 1946. The variety of options is complemented by valves made of hot-bent sheet metal and cast steel.

Thanks to the high quality of the products, innovation and flexibility of the specialists responsible for the valves, gates and non-return valves, the company has reached a world level.

Persta offers convincing proposals for valves in the installation, pipeline and boiler industries, in the chemical and oil industries, in conventional and nuclear power plants, in waste incineration plants and the paper industry, and more.

Technical development in relation to pressure, temperature and density requires materials with high durability and dense homogeneous composition.  The main activity of the enterprise is development, production and distribution of high quality industrial valves. Stahl-Armaturen-PERSTA is characterized by high quality and reliability.The product range of PERSTA includes pipeline valves and components made of forged and cast steel as well as hot-bent steel sheet in diameter from DN10 to DN 1000 and pressure from PN 10 to PN 630 with standard and special design.

The products are manufactured using the most modern equipment.