Dutch plant Wouter Witzel EuroValve has been a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality shut-off valves and actuators worldwide for 40 years. The products are mounted on pipelines such as butterfly valves, shut-off valves, throttle valves and non-return valves. For specific conditions, a full range of manual and electric actuators, as well as accessories, is available. Wouter Witzel EuroValve products meet the highest quality requirements and have a long service life.Wouter Witzel EuroValve dates back to the 1960s as a manufacturer and supplier of shut-off valves.

Wouter Witzel offers a wide range of serial products in stock and made to order.The production of shut-off valves with vulcanized seals is done by our own vulcanizing press. Valve cover is also a specialty of Wouter Witzel and depending on its requirements, customers can choose between different coating systems.After installation, the valves are tested for tightness and are equipped with manual or electric drive.The products meet the latest international quality standards, as well as safety and environmental requirements. At the customer’s request, the basic products can be modified according to other specific requirements.